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Ohiopyle State Park

Ohiopyle State Park is a nearly 20,000 acre state park located in southwestern Pennsylvania, and about an hour and a half south of Pittsburgh.


Ohiopyle State Park is often considered to be one of the most important offerings of the region as the state park features many hiking trails, biking trails, white water rafting, fishing, historical landmarks, and much more- making it impossible to see it all in any single visit.


It’s almost impossible to see it all in a single visit to Ohiopyle State Park.


If you’re interested in Ohiopyle biking, the businesses below can provide assistance!  They also rent kid carts and tagalongs, so you can bring family members of all ages to enjoy the amazing bike riding in Ohiopyle.

After a day of rafting, hiking, biking, or seeing local sights near Ohiopyle, State Park, what could be better than a hot meal, a warm bath, and a good nights sleep? The best part is you can get all this from Falls Market Restaurant and Falls Market Inn & Suite!

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