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Kentuck Knob

Kentuck Knob, one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous architectural structures is found only four miles down the road from his most famous work: Fallingwater.

Kentuck Knob used be called the Hagan House.  It’s a one-story home on the Chestnut Ridge near Chalk Hill, PA.  Wright built the house without stepping foot on site except for a brief visit during construction.


The house was originally constructed in 1953 for the Hagan family, owners of a major dairy company in Western Pennsylvania.  In 1986, Lord Palumbo of London, UK bought the property for only $600,000.


Today Kentuck Knob features a sculpture meadow and large upright slab of the Berlin wall.


For more information and to book a tour for Kentuck Knob, you can visit their website, or call 724-329-1901.


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